Polished Plaster

    We use traditional materials – such as lime, marble dust and pigments – to create tactile, versatile finishes, ranging from heavily pitted ones like travertine to glassy Venetian spatulata pastes.

    Polished plaster finishes combine many different colours and textures to create endless possibilities for walls and ceilings. In addition, we can include graphics, logos and images, as well as blocks and stripes, for extra interest.

    We also specialise in a Moroccan lime plaster called tadelakt (‘to rub’). Tadelakt is naturally water repellent, so it’s ideal for use in wet rooms and on pre-form sinks, baths and shower trays. It has a soft, smooth lustre with a silky feel and real character.

    If you’d like a bespoke sample of either polished plaster or tadelakt, please contact us. Alternatively, see samples of our work, below, or explore our other interior decoration techniques.

    Examples & Processes