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For the world's very finest interiors

Decoration, restoration & finishes For the world's very finest interiors

Decoration, restoration & finishes For the world's very finest interiors

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Conservation & Restoration
Bringing heritage buildings back to life

We preserve historical decorative schemes and restore them to their former glory by replicating or reinstating details using various traditional and modern techniques.

Our expert decorators have worked on many major restoration projects. They include Grade-I listed buildings such as the Royal Albert Hall, Leighton House Museum, Strawberry Hill House and the St Pancras hotel.

Cleaning, revealing and reinstatement are our key skills. We also specialise in carving and polishing, and work with timber, stone and metal. For very historically important projects, we call upon a qualified conservation expert.

How We Work


We first carry out a survey to assess the décor’s condition and choose the best course of action. At this stage, we may also conduct tests for cleaning and paint analysis. We then 'put back' the chosen scheme and compile a record of all existing schemes.

Reveal & Reinstatement

Based on sections of a past decorative scheme – even if it's in poor condition – we can recreate designs using techniques such as spectroscopy and micro analysis, or mechanical methods.

We reveal a test area by removing newer paint layers to uncover the original decoration. We then determine the design and colour schemes, before restoring what remains and replicating it elsewhere.

What We Do

  • Carry out assessment surveys and provide reports and method statements.
  • Reveal, photograph and trace decoration schemes.
  • Identify colour schemes, and then precisely match and hand mix colours.
  • Set out base decoration and forms, including adjusting to geometrical discrepancies.
  • Undertake intricate and delicate brushwork, including gilding.

Explore our conservation and restoration projects, or contact us to find out more.

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